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Eighty percent of the fastest growing job in the U.S. require some post-secondary education

About literacy and what we do –

is an individual’s ability to read, write and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job, in the family and in society

One in six adults in Maine is not functionally literate in English

Poor literacy is a associated with poverty, unemployment, poor health and crime.

Adults with poor literacy skills can not read a newspaper or words on a computer screen, an employment application, a safety notice, medical directions or read a story to a child. Many lack the skills to cope successfully as workers, parents and citizens.

Established in 1970, volunteers from all over the tri-counties of Lincoln, Sagadahoc and northern Cumberland, along with a small part-time staff operating out of an office in Bath, Maine.

Services Offered – ESOL, Basic Literacy, Family Literacy, Developmentally Disabled Reading Groups, Fun With Words at the local Homeless Shelter, Read With Me Family Literacy Project offered through local Head Start programs and Bath elementary schools.

Adult Literacy – helps adults improve their reading and writing skill with free, one-on-one, individualized tutoring.

Family Literacy – Read With Me Family Literacy Project introduces families to the pleasure and value of reading aloud together, encourages active and positive relationships with schools, and connects families with local life-long learning resources.
TriCounty Literacy Board of Directors