You Can Help

You Can Help

Become a Tutor –

 You will receive a comprehensive package of theory and tools to prepare you work with an adult learner. The training is approximately 18 hours and is conducted locally . Call (207) 443-6384 or (877) 885-7441 or email [email protected] for more information on the next training session.

• In addition, Verizon Literacy Campus offers volunteers self-paced training online at no cost. They even have several courses for the potential volunteer, including information on working with an adult literacy learner. Visit to find out more.

• Once you are trained as a tutor, you will be matched with an adult learner, and begin working with them to help them achieve their literacy goals. Tutors and their students usually meet once or twice a week for 1 – 2 hours at a location that is mutually convenient, such as a local library.

• You can provide literacy services to people in a number of locations: public schools/adult education programs, libraries,
Community-based organizations, Workplaces and Correctional facilities.

Become a volunteer to help with activities such as:

• Program Support – You can do a great deal, from publicity and maintaining TCL resources at our office and local libraries, grant writing, fund raising, donating books to writing stories and editing our newsletter.

• Policy Making and Governance – Play an important role in making sure a local program is run effectively, has adequate resources, and is responding to the real needs of our community by serving as a board or committee member.

• Mentoring – Offer positive reinforcement and help individuals and families make significant changes by becoming a much-needed role model to an individual or family.

Contribute tax-deductible dollars – help with the costs of materials and services needed to support Literacy Volunteers and Read With Me.

Do you know someone who needs help with reading and writing? You can get information on local literacy programs or refer someone by calling the Tri-County Literacy office in Bath at (207) 443-6384 or (877) 885-7441 or Adult Learning Opportunities Hotline at 1(800) 322-5455.